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Locally reared lamb
Leg - Boneless rolled joints (and mini joints) are increasingly popular and easy to carve. Leg steaks, either bone-in or boneless can be grilled, fried or barbequed. Whole or half leg joints (knuckle or fillet) are also popular
Shoulder - The shoulder is an economical joint for roasting and can be provided on the bone, as a half shoulder (blade or knuckle), or as a rolled boneless joint for easy carving. It can also be cut into shoulder steaks or cubes for braising or a casserole.
Lion Chops - Traditional loin chops contain a small T-shaped bone. Double loin chops are cut from an un-split carcase. The loin also provides boneless loin and heart shaped valentine steaks. Chops are ideal to grill, fry or BBQ
Chump Steaks - Supplied as chump chops or steaks for grilling or frying. These are the most substantial of lamb chops.
Minced - Mince can be prepared from any combination of cuts but is usually prepared from the forequarter, shoulder or breast. Widely used in the foodservice sector its versatility makes it ideal for use in dishes such as shepherd’s pie and moussaka, or lamb products such as burgers or grill sticks.